Knitting Nixes Anxiety

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have some form of anxiety in our lives. Although, in my case, its full-blown anxiety. Usually, I’m pretty calm and cool, but major stress points in my life have caused MAJOR panic attacks. In the last 3-4 weeks, I really have been put under some serious meltdown scenarios. The husband got a major promotion which is fantastic, but one problem…we have to move from AL to NC. Now that’s not bad because we previously lived in NC and just fell in love. Problem is we had to live in two different states these past 3-4 weeks. As anyone knows, spouses in different states is usually financially straining. So, there’s another problem.

I think what really got to me was in the middle of all this fun was my husband’s birthday which is September 11. Not only was it the 10 year anniversary of a day I will NEVER forget for the rest of my life, but he had to spend it completely alone. That’s pretty crappy, if you ask me. With our meager budget, the hubs already pointed out that yet again, no birthday present. Timing is never in his favor. So, I suddenly got an ‘Einstein moment’ and went “Eureka!” Some of his favorite things are the hand-crocheted hats his grandmother made for him. And it just so happened that in high school, I learned to knit for a short bit. My task became to re-learn to knit, knit a new beanie for him, and it be complete before he saw it (I was taking into account that I would be knitting slower than Christmas.)

With a limited budget, I needed to find some self-teach knitting books. For less than $25, I used the “Used” area on Amazon to purchase these three Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook, The Chicks with Sticks: Guide to Knitting, and The Knitting Answer Book These books provide a huge wealth of knowledge and modern patterns.

From the Stitch ‘N Bitch book, I located an easy beanie pattern that didn’t involve knitting in the round (a more advanced technique.) It was quite nice to notice that the book author was not also the author/designer of the patterns in the book. Almost every pattern had a different designer. The one I went with was by Alex Zorn and called ‘Hot Head’. In this particular pattern, it made a ‘fire-motif’. I knew my husband would not be pleased with that so I used a Michael’s 50% off an item coupon and bought size US 10 1/2 (6.5mm) Clover Takumi Bamboo knitting needles. They ended up only costing $2.10 with the coupon. I will say that I’ve used metal knitting needles in the past, while they make your knitting faster. They scream disaster for a newbie. They’re too slippy-slidey. After using the Clover needles, I really feel that it will be all I ever use. They are lightweight, strong but flexible, your yarn glides only as much as you need it to. So, you don’t end up dropping stitches. Also, I had another coupon for Hobby Lobby for 40% of to buy the yarn. Here’s the yarn I bought. The pattern called for 4 different skeins, but I forgot that it was the lame fire pattern. It really didn’t even take a full on of those skeins to make the large.

Knitting this for my husband made me quickly realize that the more I knit, the less stressed I was. It gave my hands and mind something to concentrate on. Plus, its human nature to enjoy making things with your bare hands. Of course, you’ll want to see the finished product!

Throughout this whole process, I actually came to find out that physicians will actually prescribe knitting for people who have high stress jobs, have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, etc. So, there is actual medical proof that knitting nixes anxiety! Interesting, huh? Now, I can include hand-knitted items into my designs! Exciting!

Lizzy Marie

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