Love at first ‘Click’

In keeping with my knitting journey from yesterday, I wanted to tell y’all about my other saving grace, Craftsy! You may not be familiar with this website as it is relatively new. And, if you already know Craftsy, then you know what I’m talking about! I really feel no one can say it better than Craftsy,

We’re Craftsy.
We Learn.
We take online courses together from amazing instructors.
We strive to be better at what we do,
and to learn new techniques we haven’t tried.
We Inspire.
We share our projects and take pride in what we make.
We Help.
We share suggestions,
tips & tricks – helping other Craftsy members complete projects.
We Create.
We Knit.
We Quilt.
We Crochet.
We Make Jewelry.
We Sew.
We Decorate.
We’re Creative.
We’re Unique.

With this amazing website, not only can you take online courses (that your access NEVER expires to), find fellow crafters, find free patterns or pay-for patterns by a designer you may have never found, post your own projects, patterns, etc. While, yes, you do pay for these courses. More often than not, and especially in the case of new members you can get courses for 50% off. Although, when it comes down to it, even if you pay full price ($30-$60), you are getting the knowledge for next to nothing because you have access to it for the rest of your life. No lie.

I was able to get my first course for 50% off. To be honest though, even being half way through, I would have though full price was like stealing! That’s how good these instructors are. I say instructors because these are big names in they’re particular niche. Take Diana Rupp, for instance, her beginners sewing book, SEW: Sew Everything Workshop. This book is solely responsible for getting me sewing. It was the very first sewing book I ever bought, and I still have it. So, as you can see, these aren’t just some random people that don’t know what they’re talking about uploading crappy videos to youtube.

My course that I’m currently (and forever) taking is Knit Lab with Stefanie Japel. With every course at Craftsy, you get a course broken up into several lessons and printable course materials. To give you a good idea of what to expect, with Knit Lab, I have a total of 16 lessons. Their run times go from 4 mins to over an hour, but most are 30 mins. My printable course materials included was 20+ pages. It gives me a table of contents, course overview, pattern for what you will be making with the instructor, two additional patterns, knitting glossary, and list of resources available. She also does include other patterns to try with what you will have learned with this course.

Something very big I want to point out as well is that during every lesson there is a comments/question section right below the video. In that section, if you have any questions for the instructor, Stefanie will actually comment back to you answering your question. And the same goes for the other courses as well. With this course, I’m knitting a lacy keyhole scarf. I’m no where near done, but I would love to show some pictures of what I have done so far. The first part is 60 rows of garter stitch (which means you just keep knitting the same stitch over and over).

And, then my purl ridge section. A ‘purl’ is a stitch in knitting. The funny part is there are actually only two stitches, the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Funnier still, the purl stitch is when you simply reverse the knit stitch. So truthfully, every time you ‘knit’ a stitch, if you flip it over you will see a ‘purl’ stitch. If you get into knitting you will hear of “stitches” such as garter stitch (you just keep doing the knit stitch over and over), stockinette stitch (you knit 1 row, you purl the 2nd row, repeat), seed stitch (within the same row you knit 1, purl 1, repeat), basket stitch (when a row consists of a few knit stitches then same number of purl stitches), etc. Once you get the hang of knitting and purling, you can only get faster and better! Here’s a close up the the purl ridge section I’ve done. The ‘purl’ is the little ‘bumps’. If you can see the little ‘v’ shapes that is a knit stitch. Hope all this helps and get over to Craftsy!

Sew keep it up!
Lizzy Marie

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